• Honeysuckle's New Home

    Welcome to the new home of Honeysuckle!

    I have a real domain name!

    This has been a long time coming and I am beyond excited to have all the pieces that make up Honeysuckle in one location!

    A little Honeysuckle history: I started my blog in 2008. I had just graduated college and was only working part time as a graphic designer for a church and promoting my freelance design on the side. I was a newlywed with my first home to make my own. It just started as a creative outlet and a way to share tutorials and decorating tips with others. I’ve always found that part of keeping my passion as a creative is doing something just for me as a way to stay fresh and inspired. I named the blog Honeysuckle after that first street we lived on and made a home in as newlyweds - Honeysuckle Court in Lynchburg, VA.

    In 2011, I opened Honeysuckle, the etsy shop. Full of unique home decor and art prints designed by me. It started with a big shove from my husband who was tired of seeing our storage space filled with cool stuff I was 'saving for later'. In 2013, my friend opened a local shop called Pastiche at Main. It was here I got my first real taste of retail and my shop took a major shift from exclusively online to almost selling exclusively locally. After moving to Indiana in 2016, I got the opportuity to give Honeysuckle another go at retail with a small brick and mortar shop in our new town. Honeysuckle, the online shop, remains the main way for me to share unique home decor and my artwork with clients worldwide.

    Almost ten years later, after many seasons and breaks in between, I still enjoy sharing home and lifestyle inspiration via this blog.  Now the name Honeysuckle acts as an umbrella that includes my blogshop, and my freelance graphic design.

    Now for a little tour...

    The home page will be the blog page where I will share home and lifestyle inspiration, along with recipes and thoughts on motherhood + everything in between. 

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    You can shop right from our website now! 

    Separated into three easy categories of Vintage, Art Prints, and Digital Download Prints.

    Fully integrated with Etsy so you can shop with ease and still have all those benefits.

    My portfolio page is something that makes my heart swell. Designing for others is such a joy to me.

    I'm driven by good design and I get so excited when I can help others make a vision come to life.

    Hit me up for your next project or feel free to refer your friends to me!


    This new space is so simple and pretty and just perfect for me.

    So, of course, we have to celebrate!

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    Thank you guys so much for all the support over the years. For all the shop orders. For all the word of mouth referrals for design work. For all the solidarity in motherhood. Just for being here. 

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Fall Favorite: Butternut Squash Soup

    It wouldn't be fall in our house if I didn't make Butternut Squash soup.

    This is a Goodman family fave and originated in the kitchen of Tammy Goodman.

    Yummy seasonal vegetables and fall flavors make this soup a definite fall favorite.

    Butternut Squash Soup


    1 Butternut Squash

    1 Acorn Squash

    3 TBS Butter


    1/4 C Chopped Sweet Onion

    1 Quart Chicken Stock

    1/4 C Brown Sugar

    1 8oz. Cream Cheese

    1 tsp Black Pepper

    Nutmeg (to taste)

    Cayenne Pepper (to taste)

    Sour Cream


    First, cut your squash in half and remove the seeds. Then brush with melted butter and honey.

    Bake at 350 for 45 minutes on a baking sheet lined with foil.

    During the last several minutes that the squash is cooking,

    saute the onion with butter in your stock pot.

    Scoop squash from the peel and cut into chunks.

    Add squash and broth to the sauteed onion.


    *If you do not  have an immersion blender. Get one. Stat.

    This is a great one to add to your Christmas wishlist.

    Add the remaining ingredients and simmer. Add more chicken broth if needed.

    Go easy on the cayenne.

    Serve with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle with cayenne pepper.

    Or make pumpernickel garlic croutons*!

    *These croutons really don't require a recipe. But here's how I made them.

    Cut up half a loaf of pumpernickel bread into crouton size pieces.

    Put in a ziplock bag and add olive oil until all pieces are covered.

    Sprinkle with 1 tsp garlic salt then mix well.

    Put in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake for 13-15 mins on 375

    or until you reach your desired crunchiness. Store in an airtight container.

    I have to say, I almost didn't share this soup recipe because I like to trick first time dinner guests into thinking I'm a gourmet soup chef with this recipe.

    Just kidding. But it is that good.

    Since the gig is up with my family, you should use this recipe to impress yours this Thanksgiving.

  • Mini Pumpkin Pies + Pumpkin Recipe Round Up

    First of all you guys know how I feel about making cute pies.

    But I'm that girl that when I go to the dessert table at a party, I just want a taste of everything. 

    (Okay, and then to go back for more of the thing I loved the most.)

    These mini pumpkin pies are just perfect for that. And for the person who LOVES pumpkin pie the most, just take 5 with no regrets. You do you. 

    These look sorta schmancy, but they're super easy. 

    Also, everything is cuter in mini form, am I right?

    And here's how the recipe goes down:

    Get your canned pumpkin, your store bought pie dough, and your cute cookie cutters out.

    (My recipe calls for pumpkin but I accidentally grabbed pumpkin pie mix so just do whatever works for you)

    Roll out your dough and grab your circle cutter.

    Ideally you need a 3-4" circle. A wide mouth mason jar is a perfect sub if you don't already own one.

    Cut out 12 circles.

    Spray your muffin tin and fill with your mini doughs.

    Whip up your pumpkin mixture (recipe below) and fill each dough 3/4 full.

    With the extra dough left over, use your mini cookie cutters to cut out your desired pie garnishes.

    Bake at 400 for 30 minutes

    Things I've learned the hard way:

    Don't fill them too full or they bake over and do little burnt edges as seen here.

    Put your garnishes on half way through baking if you don't want them overdone.

    Let cool completely before you plate to serve.

     And they taste best shared with friends. :)

     Mini Pumpkin Pies


    - 1 can of pumpkin (15 oz)

    - 2 eggs

    - 1 can of sweetened condensed milk

    - 1 tsp salt

    -1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice

    - 2 store bought pie crusts


    - Preheat oven to 400

    -Combine pumpkin, milk, eggs, salt, and pumpkin pie spice

    - Using a circular cookie cutter or jar lid, cut 12 circles. Ideally you need at 3-4" circle.

    - Using mini cookie cutters, cut out cute garnishes 

    - Add pie crusts to muffin tin

    - Add pie filling to 3/4 full

    -Bake at 400 for 30 minutes

    - Add garnishes half way through baking for lighter color



    And because I know you just can't get enough of pumpkin recipes. I've teamed up with some other awesome bloggers to bring you enough pumpkin recipes to last you all season!

    Here are 6 more delicious pumpkin recipes!

    Pumpkin And Ricotta Stuffed Shells - Motherhood in Stilettos 

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies - Lazy Moms Blog

    Pumpkin Spice French Toast - Amidst The Chaos

  • Cheers to 3 years

    A letter to you on your 3rd birthday.

    Dear Griffin Boy,
    You make life so special. You are joy embodied in a little boy. When you were 8 weeks old, our family went through some hard life changes. You were an angel. You slept through the night and woke with smiles every morning. You helped me press on in love. And you made my heart explode everyday with your sweetness. You've grown into your own little person. And we wrestle for who is in charge. We fight hard but we love harder. You bring me to the end of myself. And yet with your chubby hands on my face whispering 'i wuv you', I am undone. You've made me rely on God for wisdom and guidance and made me drop to my knees praying for patience. But I feel like the luckiest mom in the world that I'm the one that gets to love you. To guide you. To grow you. 
    Cheers to 3 years, little boy. And many more to come. 

  • Sunflower Field Pictures + Other Family Date Ideas

    Some of our most favorite family dates are experiencing new things together.
    None of us had ever been in a field full of sunflowers before so that's what we did for our most
    recent family date. The boys enjoyed running through the path to the middle of the field and hiding from us midst the tall flowers. We got there right at sunset and it felt pretty magical.
    Then we let them stay up late and go for ice cream. It was a great way to say goodbye to summer.

    Some other ideas for family dates:

    The Zoo
    (it's so fun seeing animals we don't see on the regular)
    Fort Movie Night
    (everyone watches in the fort and gets their own popcorn bowl)
    Make Your Own Pizza Night
    (I recommend this easy Naan Bread Pizza recipe)
    Bike Rides
    (head to a trail or somewhere new)
    Scavenger Hunts
    (now that fall is around the corner you can use this one)
    Game Night
    (with prizes for the winners)
    Build Something Together
    (get creative with cardboard boxes + duct tape & let kids decorate)
    Bookstore Date
    (parents get coffee and get an endless supply of books to look at)
    Dance Party
    (with dance-off's of course)
    Experience something new together
    (Get creative! And bring your camera!)
  • Pork Tacos with Colorful Cilantro Lime Slaw

    You guys, I just found a way to take Taco Tuesday to a whole other level.
    Three little words...
    Cilantro Lime Slaw

    I'm so serious, I'm probably never eating tacos without this again.
    The recipe is so simple and fresh, too.

    Colorful Cilantro Lime Slaw
    Tri color slaw (cabbage, red cabbage, carrots)
    Fresh cracked pepper

    Chop your own cabbage and carrots or buy the pre-bagged (you do you) and
    put it all in a big bowl.
    Chop up fresh cilantro and be generous with it. (If you love it like me then you put a whole lot in).
    Pour in 1/4 C EVOO.
    Juice in 1 lime.
    Mince in some garlic. (I pressed 1 clove)
    Crack some fresh pepper and sprinkle some salt.
    Give it all a good ol' mix up.
    Refrigerate it and then put it on top of your tacos. (I think it's best with pork but chicken or beef are fine too).
    Stand amazed at the fresh deliciousness that you've been missing on your tacos.

    Think of me the next time you Taco Tuesday and give this slaw a go!

    The other way you can take your Taco Tuesday to the next level is these 
    cuuuuute vintage brass cactus napkin holders.
    One unique set of four up for grabs in my shop.
  • A Dino Party fit for a FIVE year old

    You guys, my baby turned 5! I know everyone says this, but I really don't know how it happened.
    I feel like I blinked. Wasn't it yesterday that I just gave birth to him?

    And I'm not sure why 5 feels like SUCH a big milestone but it does. 

     It also felt like a big milestone because this was the first year HE knew exactly what he wanted.
    He understood his birthday was coming and he wanted to plan his day, invite friends, the whole nine.
    And one day while we were at Walmart he saw a dinosaur piñata and that was it, he was sold.
    A dino party complete with piñata would be the perfect celebration for this 5 year old.

    And if you've been around here for any time at all, you know I'm all about cuteness on a dime.
    Getting creative with what I already have and challenging myself to spend as little money as possible are usually my method. Things that cost little money but make a big impact (see balloon 5 below).

    I brought out Grady's plastic dinos, went and scrounged up plants from around the house, and got out our family party hats + Happy Birthday banner that we use for everyone's birthday in our family plus a couple cute pictures of Grady and made this little scene!

    The only thing I really needed to make was the Gradysaurus banner. I bought a $3 pack of letters from the Target Dollar Spot and painted them green. It didn't have all the R's or S's I needed so I just traced them on cardboard and added them in.

     The cake is a big deal, of course.  And while I love to decorate a cake, I'm no baker.

     So I made it easy on myself and just did a triple layer boxed funfetti cake.
    Store bought icing as well. If it ain't broke, why fix it? That's my motto when 
    it comes to baking. hah!

    To make it even easier on myself, I made cupcakes for all the kids.
    Pre-measured, contained cake for the win.

    The only other decor we did was this super fun balloon 5.

    If you're looking for a statement decor piece and don't want to spend much money but don't mind investing some time, this might be for you!

    We just bought a big piece of plywood and painted it white for the backdrop.
    Then I freehanded a huge number 5 outline for us to follow. 
    We bought six $1 packs of balloons for 72 balloons total and then went to town blowing them 
    up in all different sizes. Start with your big balloons first to make the shape and then fill it in with the littler balloons. Use strong, white tape. Enlist someone else to do all the balloon blowing (that's what I did, hah!)

    This was my first time hosting a *real* kid party. Like with more kids than adults.
    I was not really sure how it was gonna go, but it was great.

    We did some simple dino themed games for the kids:
    Dinosaur Egg Hunt

    Dinosaur Dig

    And of course, the thing that started it all, 
    Dinosaur Piñata 

    My boy had a great day. He is such an extrovert so being surrounded by his
    people was the best gift of all. 

     (Thank you to my friend Trish who grabbed my camera and took pictures so I could 
    be in the moment. That's a good friend right there.)

    My sweet Grady boy, I count it such a privilege to be your mama.
    We've done this thing together from the start. So, your birthday kinda feels like my birthday - the day I became a mom. You've turned into such a kind, compassionate, and helpful little boy.
    You are by far one of my greatest blessings and I love to celebrate YOU.

    Every year we try to take pictures of our kids on/around their birthday and here are a
    few to remember our Grady Boy at age 5. 

  • Playroom Update

    A few weeks ago I found a suuuuper smushed cereal bar in the shag rug I had in here for the boys' playroom. Like, had to cut it out of the rug bad. And then a few days after that, the boys started using their train table as a ramp. Not for their trains or cars, for themselves.
    That's all I needed to see to know it was time for a change in here.

    So, first order of business was maximize their space for how they actual use it. 

     Since the train table was no longer serving it's purpose, it got put into storage and opened up a ton more room for rearranging. I moved their coloring table to a more accessible spot and put up a cork board for them to proudly display their work.

    We also put in a reading corner. 
    And my husband whipped up this cute little bench for the boys to sit on. 

    I also found this vintage phone for $5 and knew the boys would get a kick out of it.

    The conversations I overhear on this phone are hilarious. 

    We made some more room for make believe and for decorations that remind us 
    of our first home in Virigina. 

     But honestly the highlight of our playroom upgrade is this Lorena Canals machine washable rug.
    You read that correctly, MACHINE WASHABLE! This rug will fit in a standard washer and dryer. If that is not life-changing for a kids' space, I don't know what is. It is so liberating to just throw this sucker in the washing machine and not lug out the vacuum.

    Also high on style and so on trend with those cute braided tassels.
    An added bonus because this is a room I share with the boys. 
    My office area is the other half of this room (maybe one day I'll show you when it's not a wreck), so it's a win-win in our shared space!
    Handmade and with all natural dyes, we opted for the coordinating pom-pom throw as well with all the same great easy washing qualities. It's already been through the ringer on fort-building night.

    I've been super happy with how well it's withstood my boys' most highly trafficked area. 
     Because let's be honest, this room mostly looks like this everyday.

    And like this - with someone's bum in time-out. ;)

    We're finding our way in this shared space and I'm so happy to say I won't be cutting cereal bar out of any rugs any time soon! 

    For more info on Lorena Canals products, visit their site. 
    Disclaimer: I received Lorena Canals products for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

  • Best Clean-Out-the-Fridge Recipes

    Near the end of the week, I'm always ready to get rid of the little bits and pieces and leftovers that are sitting around my fridge. You know, the 3 pieces of bacon, the handful of almost-bad spinach, the sprinkling of cheese, the half of tomato, the quarter of an onion. Yeah, all those. As someone who hates to waste food, I've perfected a few go-to clean-out-the-fridge recipes. I thought you guys might like them too, in case you find yourself in one of those moments. And the reason I love these recipes so much is because, really anything goes. You can pretty much make almost anything sitting in your fridge work with a little creativity!

    Grilled Naan Bread Pizzas
    I love to buy the naan bread from Aldi and keep it in my freezer for these very moments.
    They're perfect for making creative pizzas. And you guys know about pizza, you can make almost anything go. Don't have pizza sauce, spice up your tomato/spaghetti sauce. Don't have any sauce? Make a white pizza with garlic and olive oil. I almost always have everything I need to make these happen. I just top them with whatever I have in my fridge, put them on some tin foil and pop them on the grill for a bit. Don't feel like grilling? Just bake them until cheese is melted.

    Seen here from top to bottom:
    - Cherry tomato, basil, mozzarella, feta with olive oil and garlic and a balsamic glaze
    - Mozzarella, wilted spinach, olive oil and garlic topped with bacon
    - Goat cheese, caramelized onion, chicken and bbq sauce

    Quiche or Frittata
    Depending on what I'm wanting to get rid of I usually waffle between classic quiche, crustless quiche or frittata. If I have a lot of potatoes I want to get rid of, I opt for the making the frittata.
    You can seriously throw almost any meat or veggie combo in these and the more the merrier is usually my rule of thumb. My favorite is classic quiche because who doesn't love pie crust but if I don't have pie crust or am cutting back on carbs, crustless quiche is the best way to go.

    Seen here: spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, goat cheese, onion and eggs

    Sausage Hash
    This recipe is another good one if you want to use up potatoes before they start sprouting a million eyes. Sautéed sausage and potato is my usually base and then I throw in whatever else is hanging out in my fridge. Usually adding in some combo of, green beans, brussel sprouts, apples, onions, and almost always topped with a fried egg!

    Hoped this helped give you a few ideas for when you're ready to clean out your fridge!
  • Currently Wearing Vol. II

    As spring weather gives way to warm here in the Midwest, I get excited to break out the clothes I haven't seen in awhile.

    Currently wearing:

    End of Season Sales
    I like to buy things on major clearance at the end of a season even if I know I'll have to wait awhile to actually wear it. Like this Anthropologie lace up, ruffle top. I had to tuck it away for awhile but I knew my future self would thank me for it. 

    Instagram Closet Sales
    I bought these Madewell skinnies from a friend's Instagram closet sale.
    But I also have several accounts I like to keep an eye on like @pennythrift and @co_reclaimed 

    I'm also shedding a single tear for the end of peony season right now. Until next year, favorite flower.

    Summer slides
    All I wanted this summer was some cute sandals to slide on as I'm running out the door that go with everything. These Blowfish Ginah slides in linen were just the ticket.

    I mean, when the baby is ready for a bike ready, you gotta be ready to go slide something on and go. :)

    Sunday Best
    I was raised that you get dressed up for church and I just can't shake it. I love
    getting out skirts and dresses for me and button downs and suspenders for my boys.

    This Noonday Collection necklace makes me feel fancy no matter what 
    I'm wearing. And I love the mission behind this company. 
    Check it out if you haven't heard of it yet!

    What's a favorite item you're pulling out of your closet these days?