• Look Book Styling with Give with Joy

    I was in a creative rut in the beginning of this year. It happens often after the holidays die down and those long winter months hit and it's super cold and I'm indoors a lot. I just feel uninspired and my creative juices run low. And I hate feeling like that. 

    I prayed for a new project to come my way that would energize and inspire me in a new way. 

    Enter Aneta with Give with Joy.

    I've been following Aneta for a long time via instagram and had gotten to know the heart behind her business and always loved her illustration style. So when we approached me to style and photograph her product in my home for her next look book, I was thrilled! 

    It was JUST the creative project I was praying for. 

    Her artwork is inspiring in and of itself but then to have the opportunity to style it in my own home and push myself to move things around and see things with fresh eyes was so fun for me. It definitely got my creative juices flowing again.

    She also encouraged me to use items from my own shop in the photos and she included some of my styling tips in her look book! It became this beautiful collaborative project.

    I'm just so proud of how it all came together. 

    Aneta puts so much heart and soul into her artwork and you can just see it. 

    Check out the full look book here. And snag some of her new spring items while you're at it!

    The Fresh Fruit No. 1 is probably my favorite! Close second would be the hand drawn florals!

    And I'm so thankful to Aneta for thinking of me for this project, as it lit a little fire in me. I feel alive when I'm making things beautiful and using the gifts God has given me. So if you think I'd be a good fit for your next project, please don't hesitate to contact me!

  • Baby Shower Gifts That Keep On Giving + Printable Baby Shower Card

    *This post is sponsored by All images and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors!*

    Something that I was SO thankful that people did for me at my baby shower was opt to sign books instead of cards.

    Not only did it help us quickly build an awesome library for our little guys but even now when we read some of their favorites, we see notes from loved ones and even pray for them before bedtime!

    I didn't know about at the time, but if I had, I would have definitely added them to my registry! You can quickly and easily go on their site and pick a gift bundle of classic books, bath essentials, sleep essentials, or even diapers!

    They have themed book bundles, like the Eric Carle classics, which are some of our personal favorites. Or you can customize your bundle to your liking!

    Which is exactly what I did! I chose a few favorite board books and also a couple perfect baby toys to gift to a friend. (My boys loooooved this brand of carseat toy, it kept them occupied better than any other toy we owned!) makes it super easy on you too, as their gift bundles come beautifully wrapped.

    And bonus, your gift box is reusable! And all moms know, we need all the extra closet storage boxes we can get!

    Helping start a baby's book library is the gift that keeps on giving. My boys are still reading the books they were given at their baby showers! And helps you take the guess work out by making the perfect packages. They offer way more than just books, too; you can find bath toys, swaddles, and even Sophie the Giraffe!


    And talk about the gift that keeps on giving, they also offer a diaper subscription!

     This is such a foolproof baby gift! 

    (Here’s how an Diaper Subscription works. Upon your purchase of a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month Diaper Subscription, sends an adorable announcement package with a teddy bear holding a certificate that announces your gift! This certificate features a unique code your recipient will use to activate her subscription. Then, each month, your recipient can log in to their subscription and select the brand and size diapers they would like delivered straight to their door that month. The subscription features all of the major brands – Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and Members Mark.The announcement package can be sent directly to your recipient or to you, the purchaser, to present at a baby shower. It’s that easy!)


    So the next time you're getting ready to host a shower for someone, please include this printable insert with your invites to prompt people to opt for purchasing books instead of cards!

    (And if it's your shower, go ahead and share this post with your hostess as a not-so-subtle hint!)

    Download here

    And remember when you're getting ready to think about your gift ideas! I highly recommend their great products, beautiful packaging, and great customer service!

    Also, yours will be the best gift at the shower!


    BONUS: We're giving away a $50 gift card to over on our Instagram later today so be sure you're following along!

  • Capsule Wardrobe Trial

    Last month I tried restricting my closet to only what I would keep if I was going to do a winter capsule wardrobe. I narrowed it down to 25 items.

    I stuck with 5 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of pants, and 15 tops.

    I stuck with mostly naturals that would be easy to mix and match and accessorize.

    My thoughts:

    I wanted to try restricting my closet to force myself to get a bit creative and also to help me land on my favorite styles. Doing this for a month was pretty easy. Obviously if you were going to do a true capsule wardrobe and stick to it as a lifestyle, you would add in more/different items. According to, a true “capsule wardrobe was defined as a compact wardrobe made up of staple pieces in coordinating colours–usually in the realm of 30 items or fewer, including shoes and sometimes even accessories. One might update the wardrobe with a couple of new trendy or seasonal items two or three times a year, but that was it. The goal was to have a streamlined wardrobe of high-quality pieces that could be worn often and interchangeably, thereby saving money, closet space, and time.” For me and my trial, I wanted to just work with what I had and start to narrow down my closet and style preferences.

    The shoes and the pants were easy, I stick to my favorites mostly anyways. But the tops, I had to get a bit more strategic on what would mix and match well. 


    It was nice to got into my closet and not have to think too much about what I was going to wear.

    My options were limited right before me and pretty much everything matched.

    Everything I picked fit me really well. 

    (Which helped me realize that many of the things I didn't pick were because the fit isn't great on me)

    It forced me to get creative and try new combinations to switch things up.

    And to really take advantage of using accessories to make an outfit feel different.


    I really missed my more fun clothes. I did give myself one more fun top in my 15 but I honestly feel more like me in florals than in neutrals. 

    I got a little bored wearing the same things over and over, and I was only doing it for a month.

    As someone who likes to use clothes to be creative, I think this would be hard for me to do as a lifestyle.

    Overall, I really enjoyed trying it out and learned some good things about myself and my style.

    It also really helped me figure out what things I did not miss at all after a month and what things I had avoided including because they really don't fit me that well. 

    That being said, I've got a closet sale going on of things I'm finally able to part with after doing this little capsule trial. Go check it out, I might be letting go of something I'll regret later. Hah!

  • Easiest Homemade Donuts

    Ever just wish you could make donuts on a whim? Better yet, on a whim and in any shape you want?

    Well, my friends, you can. And they are so easy and delicious. I've been making these for years but this time I went festive for Valentine's Day!


    All you need is some biscuit dough, some cinnamon sugar, some oil for frying, and your favorite cookie cutter shape.


    Like I said, I went for hearts this time. I just popped out the biscuits and cut out hearts. Then I re-rolled the excess dough so I could use it all up. One can of biscuits gave me 20 small/medium sized donuts.

    Next you're gonna heat your oil on medium/low. If the oil is too hot, the outsides will cook too fast and the middles will be left doughy. Start with one to test your heat. You want a nice slow, even cook through.


    Then use a slotted spoon to flip so they are evenly cooked on both sides.


    Have a bowl of cinnamon sugar ready to pop them into when they are done frying but still warm.

    Make sure you get them evenly coated. 

    And that's seriously all there is to it! Add some fun colored sprinkles if you want.


    I can't even tell you how good these are fresh out of the sugar. I mean, a slice of heaven. 

    Have fun making your Valentine's Day breakfast extra festive this year!

  • My Top 10 Favorite {Thrifted} Decor Pieces

    Today, I'm gonna share with your my top 10 favorite thrifted items from around my home. 

    Let's countdown in order of favorites, shall we?

    10. Plant stands

    As a plant lady, I love to thrift things I can use as plant stands. This little wooden folding stool was $2 at a yard sale and the brass stool was a $1thrift store find.

     9. Kids Decor

    Almost everything I buy to decorate my boys' spaces is second hand.

    I love to get unique things that can be used for play, like this vintage rotary phone (scored for $5 at a second hand shop).

    Globes are another decor item I love to find that I think make fun decor in kid spaces. I have several globes that I've thrifted over the years.


    8. Vintage Books

    My eyes light up at the sight of pretty book spines - the colors, the cool fonts, all of it.

    If you're wanting to start somewhere small and don't know what to look for, vintage books are a good place to start. I can usually get a whole box a yard sale for $1

    7. Vintage Glassware

    It might seem silly to some but some of my favorite items I've ever found are just pretty glasses.

    They elevate the everyday for me.  I love collecting this particular floral pattern. I've never paid more than $1 for a glass.


    6. Vintage Map of Lynchburg, Virginia

    This is definitely one of my favorite decor pieces I own because this place is so special to me.

    I remember the day I found it. Josh and I had stopped at an estate sale and were walking around a dank basement when I saw a large book that caught my eye. It was an old atlas but it was stuffed with vintage Lynchburg prints as the former owner had been a city planner. The whole book cost me $1.

    I found the large frame at Goodwill for $6.


    5. Card Catalog

    So this wasn't actually thrifted, but it was free so it's better than thrifted, right?

    One of my former co-workers was a retired teacher and had these in his office.

    When he was getting ready to move offices, I asked if he wanted to part with this and 

    was floored when his answer was yes! It is crammed full of all those odds and ends you normally put in a junk drawer - batteries, pens, glue, candles, flashlights, etc. 

    But hey, at least they're pretty organized in here!


    4. Old School Chalkboard

    Scored for $4 at a thrift shop and it wouldn't fit in my car so I had to have Josh go get it for me later.

    It's moved all around our house and I love how big it is. Complete with chalk rail. 


    3. Brass Animals

    I love these things so much. I don't even know why. They're just so easy to decorate and add that fun/quirky factor I like to have in my decor.  My all time favorite brass piece is probably that big brass orange in this picture. I bought it when I was in California visiting my mother-in-law for $5.

    I always check the thrift shops if I can when I'm traveling. 



     2. CB2 Avec Sofa

    Yes, this is thrifted, but it's currently still selling at CB2 for $1300.

    My most epic Craigslist score for $175! A couple was moving and getting rid of everything to start fresh in their new house. The couch was less than a year old and they just said they wanted to get rid of stuff quick. 

    If you're looking for furniture, I recommend using the Craigslist app to save searches of what you're looking for. That's how I got this bad boy for so cheap - I was the first to claim it because of the search alerts!


    1. Antique Laurel Mirror

    Forever my favorite thrift find. I'm still pinching myself that I ever found this.

    It was late on a Saturday morning, like 10 am, and I was out yard saling but I had Griffin with me and he was like 10 months old so it was slow going. And if you know anything about going to yard sales, everything good is gone by like 8 am. So picture me walking up to this yard sale at 10 a.m. with a baby on my hip. I see this mirror right away and I can assume one of two things a) no one has been to this yard sale b) it's super overpriced. I go over to it and I see no price tag. I quickly count how much I have in my purse and pick it up in one had, balancing Griffin in the other and I walk up to the woman running the sale and say, "I'll give you everything I have left in my purse for this - I have $12.30 left." She hesitates and starts to hem and haw a bit. Meanwhile Griff starts flirting with her - batting his eyes, giggling, the whole nine. She eats it up and concedes to my $12 offer. As I'm walking away beaming she calls after me to look at the antique store price tag of what she paid for it on the back. Let's just say it was three digits. 

    I love having a collected home with stories to tell. Thrifting is such a great way to do that!

    If you're looking for unique things but don't have the time to thrift, let me do it for you!

    My shop is full of great home decor pieces!