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  • Currently Wearing Vol. II

    As spring weather gives way to warm here in the Midwest, I get excited to break out the clothes I haven't seen in awhile.
    Currently wearing:
    End of Season Sales
    I like to buy things on major clearance at the end of a season even if I know I'll have to wait awhile to actually wear it. Like this Anthropologie lace up, ruffle top. I had to tuck it away for awhile but I knew my future self would thank me for it. 

    Instagram Closet Sales
    I bought these Madewell skinnies from a friend's Instagram closet sale.
    But I also have several accounts I like to keep an eye on like @pennythrift and @co_reclaimed 

    I'm also shedding a single tear for the end of peony season right now. Until next year, favorite flower.

    Summer slides
    All I wanted this summer was some cute sandals to slide on as I'm running out the door that go with everything. These Blowfish Ginah slides in linen were just the ticket.

    I mean, when the baby is ready for a bike ready, you gotta be ready to go slide something on and go. :)

    Sunday Best
    I was raised that you get dressed up for church and I just can't shake it. I love
    getting out skirts and dresses for me and button downs and suspenders for my boys.

    This Noonday Collection necklace makes me feel fancy no matter what 
    I'm wearing. And I love the mission behind this company. 
    Check it out if you haven't heard of it yet!

    What's a favorite item you're pulling out of your closet these days?