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  • DIY Seasonal Placemat Pillow

     Switching things up and making your place feel new again at the beginning of each season is so fun to me. And who doesn't love a seasonal pillow? How about for about $5?! 
    I shared this easy DIY seasonal placemat pillow last year on my Instagram when I wasn't blogging and I had so many people tag me showing me how they did it too and it made my heart happy!

    So this year I thought I'd share a more thorough breakdown and some of this year's 
    placemats that I think would make the cutest seasonal pillows this fall!

    Here's the super-easy steps:

    1. Go to Target (or home decor store of your choice)
    I'm just saying Target because they are carrying this placemat again and have other cute options for placemats.

    2. Get some pillow-fill from the craft store (less than $3 usually)

    3. Seam-rip a hole just big enough for your hand to be able to fill the placemat 
    with poly-fill (I suggest the bottom right-hand corner)

    4. Fill 'er up nice and full.

    5. Sew back uptake section you opened

    Took me less than 5 minutes by hand.

    6. Enjoy your new seasonal pillow! And it's even got fringe!

    Tag me on Instagram if you make one! I love to see homes being made cute and cozy on the cheap!