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  • Fall Traditions

    I love having traditions. To me, they're a huge part of the makeup of our family.

    They're things we always do. Things that our kids can count on us doing.

    Admist everything that changes each year, these are things that are constants. 

    The stuff memories are made of. 

    One of our favorite fall traditions is going to pick apples.

    There's just something about the light in the apple orchards. About rows of trees.

    About picking something to eat right from the source. 

    This tradition started when we lived in Virginia and every year we would go with my brother and his wife.

    I always took my nice camera and I always smiled when a picture I took of them turned out to be their Christmas card. 

    Indiana doesn't have quite the selection of apple orchards that Central Virginia does and we miss the company of my brother and his wife dearly, but we continue to keep the tradition alive.







    The other part of the tradition that I love is coming home and making us a dessert to share with our apples. A shared experience and shared food are the most bonding experiences in my book, so this one's a double whammy. 

    If you've been around here at all, you know I love to make a pretty pie. And this year I tried something new. And I got a lot of request for the recipe so I'll do my best to remember cause this one I made up on the fly. 


    First off, I use store bough crust. Cause if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I put the first crust on the bottom and then use the second one for decorating this particular pie.

    I used an apple slicer to cut the apples evenly and then from there I used a paring knife to cut each slice even thinner.

    Then I just started layering the apple slices on top of each other going around in a circle until I'm back where I started.

    Grady used a leaf cutter to cut out the border for the crust and then I made a pie crust rose to fill in the center of the circle.

    For the filing, I melted 3 TBS butter in a sauce pan and combined some sugar and cinnamon and boiled until it was a little thick and then I just poured it over the apples.

    I put an egg wash over the crust and topped with sugar in the raw. 

    I baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes watching to make sure the crust didn't get overdone.


    We enjoyed this as a family.

    And I also ate if for breakfast 3 times. IT'S FRUIT, don't judge me.

    Nothing about a tradition needs to be fancy. It's just a story that you get to write and re-write and add to every year. One year it might be filled with whiny toddlers and one year might be filled with eye-rolling teenagers but that's just a part of something bigger you're building. 

    Where hopefully one day you'll all think back and say, 

    "This is where some of our best memories have been made..."







    Does your family have a fall tradition? I'd love to hear about it!