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  • Video Tutorial: Shelf Styling Tips

     Today I'm sharing a little video to show you some of my best tips for styling shelves! 

    1. Start with an inspiration piece

    This is always so helpful for me when I'm trying to style shelves to look cohesive. I start with an art piece or an object that I reeeally love and then build everything else around it.

    2. Gather Coordinating Items

    Based on my inspiration piece, I look for pieces with similar styles, tones and colors to go with it.

    3. Use varying heights to add dimension

    It adds interest and dimension when your eye has varying heights to look at. Take a step back after you add things in and see if it looks right to you. Most people prefer a little symmetry. So just find the balance that looks right to you.

    4. Style with everyday items

    Don't go out and buy a bunch of new stuff to style your shelves. Shop your house. Glasses and pretty dishes make for great fillers.

    5. Add in texture pieces

    To me, items that have some texture really help add visual interest.

    6. Make it your own design with personality pieces

    Prop up that heirloom piece, find a place for that quirky pottery your kid made in art class, go get that unique thing you got on vacation hiding in a box somewhere. Your house should tell your story so add in items that are unique to you.

    Hope you guys found these tips helpful! Let me know if you have any suggestions for other mini tutorials or style questions!