• How I Want to be Remembered as a Mother

    I think about this alot - about how I want my children to remember me. I know that might seem weird since I'm only just shy of 6 years in, but it helps me to keep a big picture perspective of my legacy and the great responsibilty my role is in their lives. 

    I think about how I hope they remember me having fun. Getting down on their level. Belly laughing. Tickling them til they can't breathe. Getting up from my desk when they asked me to do a puzzle together. 

    I hope they remember me laying in bed with them at night and really trying to hear their hearts. I hope they remember feeling safe and free to be themselves. I hope they remember me apologizing to them when I was short and unkind. 

    I hope they remember me going the extra mile to make their world brighter. The pancakes with sprinkles on a Tuesday. Their names written in Jell-O. Picnics with their favorite foods. Dropping everything and heading to the park. I hope they remember our ordinary days with a bit of magic in them. 

    I hope they remember me loving their Daddy something fierce. Being excited when he walks through the door after work. I hope they remember us kissing. And that my respect for him is something they look for in a future wife. 

    I hope they remember me in front of my Bible. Praying together for big things and for little things. Singing my little heart out in church, albeit off tune. I hope they remember me with a strength that could only come from relying on Him for our daily needs.

    I hope they remember me serving people around our dining table. Gladly opening our doors, and often. I hope they remember playing with new kids because I invited their mom over for coffee. I hope they remember me loving other people well. 

    And oh how I want them to remember me delighting in them. Truly thankful to be their mother. Tracing their faces and trying my hardest to etch their sweet baby faces into my memory. Kissing them more times than they can count in one day. A love so deep and so secure that follows them their whole life long.


    For Mother's Day every year, Josh gives me the gift of pictures of me with my babies. And this year my request was for candid, unposed photos with no begging for smiles or bribing with candy. Just us in whatever we were doing. So he brought the camera along as the boys picked out flowers for me at a local nursery. 

    Such a gift, indeed.










  • J+S=10

    There's SO much before getting here. 

    So much life and love and pain and heartache and healing.

    And a few years ago I wasn't sure we'd ever make it here. To celebrating 10 years of marriage.

    But our God specializes in bringing dead things back to life and that's our story. And not just an okay life but an abundant and full-of-life life.

    But the bigger story is for another day. 

    And the real truth is that we have so much to celebrate being here - to making it to the day we're sending out invitations to our vow renewal in honor of our 10 year anniversary. And I don't take any of it for granted.

    If you know me at all, you know that vintage has my heart.

    So I was super inspired by this vintage flash card that was sitting on my desk when designing these invitations.

    So instead of 2x5 = 10, J+S=10 

    After I designed these, I started looking at paper options and all of a sudden it hit me that my manila folders were about the right weight and color for a flash card so I cut those to paper size and printed them myself at home! 


    I ordered these kraft envelopes from Amazon with the cute tie closure and dug through my washi tape and gift tags to add some flair to the front.


    I almost love sending real mail as much as I love getting real mail. 

    So I couldn't wait to send these off.

    We are having a very small intimate ceremony with a dinner party for those

    people who have walked closely with us through our journey here. 

    (Dreaming of something like this)

    image via


    image via

    Nothing too fancy or costly but incredibly meaningful.


  • Look Book Styling with Give with Joy

    I was in a creative rut in the beginning of this year. It happens often after the holidays die down and those long winter months hit and it's super cold and I'm indoors a lot. I just feel uninspired and my creative juices run low. And I hate feeling like that. 

    I prayed for a new project to come my way that would energize and inspire me in a new way. 

    Enter Aneta with Give with Joy.

    I've been following Aneta for a long time via instagram and had gotten to know the heart behind her business and always loved her illustration style. So when we approached me to style and photograph her product in my home for her next look book, I was thrilled! 

    It was JUST the creative project I was praying for. 

    Her artwork is inspiring in and of itself but then to have the opportunity to style it in my own home and push myself to move things around and see things with fresh eyes was so fun for me. It definitely got my creative juices flowing again.

    She also encouraged me to use items from my own shop in the photos and she included some of my styling tips in her look book! It became this beautiful collaborative project.

    I'm just so proud of how it all came together. 

    Aneta puts so much heart and soul into her artwork and you can just see it. 

    Check out the full look book here. And snag some of her new spring items while you're at it!

    The Fresh Fruit No. 1 is probably my favorite! Close second would be the hand drawn florals!

    And I'm so thankful to Aneta for thinking of me for this project, as it lit a little fire in me. I feel alive when I'm making things beautiful and using the gifts God has given me. So if you think I'd be a good fit for your next project, please don't hesitate to contact me!

  • Baby Shower Gifts That Keep On Giving + Printable Baby Shower Card

    *This post is sponsored by All images and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors!*

    Something that I was SO thankful that people did for me at my baby shower was opt to sign books instead of cards.

    Not only did it help us quickly build an awesome library for our little guys but even now when we read some of their favorites, we see notes from loved ones and even pray for them before bedtime!

    I didn't know about at the time, but if I had, I would have definitely added them to my registry! You can quickly and easily go on their site and pick a gift bundle of classic books, bath essentials, sleep essentials, or even diapers!

    They have themed book bundles, like the Eric Carle classics, which are some of our personal favorites. Or you can customize your bundle to your liking!

    Which is exactly what I did! I chose a few favorite board books and also a couple perfect baby toys to gift to a friend. (My boys loooooved this brand of carseat toy, it kept them occupied better than any other toy we owned!) makes it super easy on you too, as their gift bundles come beautifully wrapped.

    And bonus, your gift box is reusable! And all moms know, we need all the extra closet storage boxes we can get!

    Helping start a baby's book library is the gift that keeps on giving. My boys are still reading the books they were given at their baby showers! And helps you take the guess work out by making the perfect packages. They offer way more than just books, too; you can find bath toys, swaddles, and even Sophie the Giraffe!


    And talk about the gift that keeps on giving, they also offer a diaper subscription!

     This is such a foolproof baby gift! 

    (Here’s how an Diaper Subscription works. Upon your purchase of a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month Diaper Subscription, sends an adorable announcement package with a teddy bear holding a certificate that announces your gift! This certificate features a unique code your recipient will use to activate her subscription. Then, each month, your recipient can log in to their subscription and select the brand and size diapers they would like delivered straight to their door that month. The subscription features all of the major brands – Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and Members Mark.The announcement package can be sent directly to your recipient or to you, the purchaser, to present at a baby shower. It’s that easy!)


    So the next time you're getting ready to host a shower for someone, please include this printable insert with your invites to prompt people to opt for purchasing books instead of cards!

    (And if it's your shower, go ahead and share this post with your hostess as a not-so-subtle hint!)

    Download here

    And remember when you're getting ready to think about your gift ideas! I highly recommend their great products, beautiful packaging, and great customer service!

    Also, yours will be the best gift at the shower!


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  • Capsule Wardrobe Trial

    Last month I tried restricting my closet to only what I would keep if I was going to do a winter capsule wardrobe. I narrowed it down to 25 items.

    I stuck with 5 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of pants, and 15 tops.

    I stuck with mostly naturals that would be easy to mix and match and accessorize.

    My thoughts:

    I wanted to try restricting my closet to force myself to get a bit creative and also to help me land on my favorite styles. Doing this for a month was pretty easy. Obviously if you were going to do a true capsule wardrobe and stick to it as a lifestyle, you would add in more/different items. According to, a true “capsule wardrobe was defined as a compact wardrobe made up of staple pieces in coordinating colours–usually in the realm of 30 items or fewer, including shoes and sometimes even accessories. One might update the wardrobe with a couple of new trendy or seasonal items two or three times a year, but that was it. The goal was to have a streamlined wardrobe of high-quality pieces that could be worn often and interchangeably, thereby saving money, closet space, and time.” For me and my trial, I wanted to just work with what I had and start to narrow down my closet and style preferences.

    The shoes and the pants were easy, I stick to my favorites mostly anyways. But the tops, I had to get a bit more strategic on what would mix and match well. 


    It was nice to got into my closet and not have to think too much about what I was going to wear.

    My options were limited right before me and pretty much everything matched.

    Everything I picked fit me really well. 

    (Which helped me realize that many of the things I didn't pick were because the fit isn't great on me)

    It forced me to get creative and try new combinations to switch things up.

    And to really take advantage of using accessories to make an outfit feel different.


    I really missed my more fun clothes. I did give myself one more fun top in my 15 but I honestly feel more like me in florals than in neutrals. 

    I got a little bored wearing the same things over and over, and I was only doing it for a month.

    As someone who likes to use clothes to be creative, I think this would be hard for me to do as a lifestyle.

    Overall, I really enjoyed trying it out and learned some good things about myself and my style.

    It also really helped me figure out what things I did not miss at all after a month and what things I had avoided including because they really don't fit me that well. 

    That being said, I've got a closet sale going on of things I'm finally able to part with after doing this little capsule trial. Go check it out, I might be letting go of something I'll regret later. Hah!